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Crop Circle or Corn Maze? Either Way, You Need To See It.

Hayley Sperling
Hayley Sperling
Posted on September 27   |   Updated on September 28
aerial view of “To All the Good Dogs” 2023 Treinen Farm Good Dog Corn Maze

“To All the Good Dogs” is Treinen Farm’s 2023 corn maze theme. (Treinen Farm)

Angie Treinen didn’t set out to build a corn maze empire when she first entered the world of farming. But after two decades of designing unique and intricate mazes, Treinen Farm has solidified itself among the nation’s corn maze royalty.

Treinen Farm in Lodi has been in the Treinen family for nearly a century. The farm produces hay, soybeans, corn, and pumpkins, and is known for its Belgian and Percheron draft horses.

The farm is currently run by husband and wife duo Angie and Alan, who built the farm’s first corn maze in 2001. Since then, Angie has taken on the role of maze master and Alan builds and maintains the attraction.

aerial view of "Rainbows, Kittens, and Killer Baby Unicorns

The "Rainbows, Kittens, and Killer Baby Unicorns" made the 2016 season disturbingly adorable. (Treinen Farm)

Angie designs the mazes with themes like “Schrödinger’s Cat and Other Thought Experiments”, “Rainbows, Kittens, and Killer Baby Unicorns”, and “Trilobite Cabinet of Curiosities”. This year’s theme is “To All the Good Dogs” (but be sure to leave yours at home because dogs aren’t allowed).

How it Works

Upon arrival, you’ll receive a partial map of the maze showing its entrances and the location of the first mailbox inside the maze. Once you reach the mailbox, inside it you’ll find the next piece of your map. Repeat these steps until you have a finished map and successfully navigate the maze.

If your group is reasonably motivated, Angie says the whole process should take 45 minutes to an hour. If you’re up for a bigger challenge, there are 10 secret locations throughout the maze and if you find them all, you’ll win a prize!

For all the novices out there, Angie says not to freak out because you’re never too far from an exit. But she also suggests bringing a flashlight if you plan to navigate in the evening.

aerial view of "Schrödinger’s Cat and Other Thought Experiments"

"Schrödinger’s Cat and Other Thought Experiments" was the 2021 theme. (Treinen Farm)

More Than Just Corn

In addition to the corn maze, you’ll also find a petting zoo, pumpkin patch, horses, an enchanted woods, and much more at Treinen Farm. Additionally, outside food is allowed and picnics are encouraged.

The farm is located in Lodi, roughly 20 miles north of Madison and the perfect amount of time to listen to City Cast Madison’s conversation with Angie herself.

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