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The Best Places to Cry in Madison

Hayley Sperling
Hayley Sperling
Posted on October 17
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There are plenty of places to shed some tears on the isthmus. (iStock / Getty Images Plus)

Sometimes it’s the weather. Sometimes it’s a problem at work. And sometimes, it’s nothing at all. Every now and then, we all need a good cry. As the sun sets on summer and Madisonians prepare for days filled with less light and more cold, the urge to shed a tear or several can grow exponentially.

Whether you’ve had a bad day or just need to let it out, here are some of the best places to cry around town, as determined by Madison Minutes readers.

Local Parks

Madison is awash in parks with beautiful views that make for perfect places to shed some tears. Some of the choice spots include BB Clarke Beach, Picnic Point, James Madison Park, Governor’s Island, and Door Creek Park.

Reader Corinne B. suggests a spot on campus, “There is a lovely and quiet circle — formally called the Robert Gard Storytellers Circle, in the Muir Knoll area of the Lakeshore Nature Preserve. Find it going up Observatory Drive. Across from the School of Education. 10/10 for cries.”

Hidden Spots

Here are some of the nooks and crannies across the isthmus that readers have found suitable for their sadness.

“I scream-cry in the John Nolen tunnel when I'm really frustrated.” — Olivia J.

“Monona Terrace — it's comforting to watch the water on Lake Monona.” — Emmi S.

“At least once a year, I have a nice cry in the clearance section in the back of the Half Price Books, east.” — Jay W.

“The second floor of the Memorial Union Terrace outside upper hidden deck.” — D.F.

“Madison Airport Book Nook.” — Hannah J.

“I personally enjoy John Nolen Drive approaching the Capitol. Something about the sweeping cinematic view always allows me to get properly dramatic with a good cry.” — Claire K.

Hayley’s Pick

Those who know me, know I must have a good cry at least every other week in order to maintain my sanity. My sanctuary of choice is the Mister Car Wash on East Washington Ave. No one can hear you scream! (As far as I know.)

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